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Meet the Directors

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Kayla Sokoloff

Ms. Sokoloff is originally from Sugar Land, Texas. She started dancing in the 4th grade at Dance Works, Majestics where she trained in a variety of styles including jazz, pom, military, lyrical, contemporary, and more. Ms. Sokoloff is a graduate of Dulles High School where she was a three year member of the Dulles Dolls Dance Team and Captain her senior year.  Ms. Sokoloff is a graduate of the University of Texas. She holds a B.S. in Government with a Certificate in Business. Upon graduating from the best University in Texas she moved to Washington, DC where she worked for two years. She then moved back to Texas and started teaching World History at Wisdom High School in HISD. Following a two year stint in the classroom she eventually found her way back to the dance room at Dulles High School as a Dance Teacher and the Dolls Assistant Director. Ms. Sokoloff is thrilled to be stepping into the roll of Doll Director as she enters her 6th year in education and her 4th year at Dulles High School. Dulles is her home and Dolls are her passion. Ms. Sokoloff loves working with her students and is excited for the upcoming year!

Ms. Lebron is from New Braunfels, Texas, where she first began to dance, and intensively trained in a multitude of dance styles at Illusion Dance Center. Ms. Lebron continued to perform and compete as a member of the Canyon High School Aristocats, becoming Captain her senior year. Being an Aristocat solidified her love of dance and inspired her to pursue dance as a career. To that end, she attended and graduated from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas with a BA in Dance education. As a member of Texas Tech’s dance program, she was selected to represent the university at the American College Dance Association Festival (ACDAF) with an original choreography piece in 2021. She was also elected to represent the College of Visual and Performing Arts as a senator in Texas Techs Student Government Association. Her passion for dance extends into other parts of her life, too! Ms. Lebron was the Homecoming Chairman of her sorority chapter of Delta Delta Delta, where she choreographed and taught an integrated ballroom-style dance routine for Texas Tech’s annual Social Organization Competition, placing 1st (2021), and 3rd (2022). For the last five years, Alyssa has worked for Crowd Pleasers Dance Company as a choreographer and instructor working with teams across the state of Texas in their field, pep rally and contest routines. Alyssa loves sharing her passion for dance with others and looks forward to leading the future generations of Dolls!

Alyssa Lebron

Dolls Officers


Chloe McAfee 


 C'era Pradier

Gwyneth Petershagen 


  Linda Trigg, Kennedie McKnight, and Samirah Oshodi

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Social Presidents  

Paloma Mejia and Jasey Ukpong  

Creative Director

 Charlotte Cheng

 Chant Leader

Tati Ford


Isabella Self

Social Officers

Kailee Yee, Jennifer Mays,Tatiana Rachuk, and Jasmine Shine 


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Back Row Left to Right: Catherine Yang, Anna Kutz, Rachel Li, Jasmine Shine, Arrielle Velasquez, Brianna Hosten, Chloe McAfee, Precious Inyangotu, Kari Frazier, Grace Morgan, Jennifer Mays, Samirah Oshodi

2nd Row: Sandra Tran, Isabella Self, Tatianna Rachuk, Makiya Stephens, Saraiya Ahiyya, Morgan Eugene, Kailee Yee, Tati Ford, Kennedie McKnight, Charlotte Cheng, Drew Doyle

Front Row: Paloma Mejia, Linda Trigg, Gwyneth Petershagen, Ava Eyring, Annelise Nilsson, Andrea Hernandez, Manasy Muralee, Alexis Detorres, C'era Pradier, Jasey Ukpong

Dolls Through The Decades 

Click on the decades below to see where our Dolls are now! 

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