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2010s Alumni

Christina Gonzalez (Cox).JPG
Christina Gonzalez (Cox) NOW.JPG

Christina Cox Gonzalez 

Oldest old, Vice President- C/O 2011

I am a newlywed as of March 2021, living in San Marcos, TX with my husband and 2 dogs!

JK then.JPG
JK now.JPG

Jaelin Knapper

Oldest Old, Secretary- C/O 2011

Currently work as a Furniture Designer and enjoys spending time learning about all things Art & Design. I am also a proud and active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 

Lindsay Kosley.JPG
Lindsay Kosley NOW.JPG

Lindsay Kosley

Co-Captain- C/O 2015

I am now a 3rd grade teacher at The WIDE School in Sugar Land.


Sydney Gorewitz Burke

Captain- C/O 2014

Teaching 4th grade- I received teacher of the year from my elementary campus last year

IMG_5462 - Haley Evans.webp
Haley Evans Headshot 2023 - Haley Evans.png

Haley Evans

Oldest Old, Senior Lieutenant- C/O 2014

I am now an Architectural Designer living in New York City! After Dolls I went on to dance for Bowling Green State University Dance Team. I discovered my true passion for designing buildings and communities but my love for dance remains a significant part of me. For fun I take burlesque classes at the iconic Broadway Dance Center.

Sarah (Landry) Hickl.JPG
Sarah Hickl now.JPG

Sarah Landry Hickl

Senior Lieutenant- C/O 2011

Currently working in Oil & Gas as an HR Professional. Married to my high school sweetheart (Doll Dude), and a new Mama to a baby boy!

KG then.JPG
KG now.JPG

Kalynn Grace

A lot happening in 2021-2022 for me! Moving into our first home and getting married to my high school sweet heart who also went to Dulles!

Co-Captain- C/O 2013

Constanza Sanchez.JPG
Constanza Sanchez NOW.JPG

Oldest old- C/O 2018

Interior Designer Major, ready to start internships in Europe real soon

Constanza Sanchez

IMG_0173 - Alexica Ventura.jpeg
IMG_0974 - Alexica Ventura.jpeg

Alexica Gebhart

I am currently a elementary school teacher . However, my biggest accomplishments will be my little family that I have.

Senior Lieutenant- C/O 2015

IMG_1409 - Lanay Garza.jpeg
IMG_0162 - Lanay Garza.jpeg

Lanay Garza

Oldest Old C/O 2017, Social Officer President

I am now a 8th grade U.S. history teacher at Katy ISD

Lauren Williamson

Oldest Old- C/O 2012

After going to Baylor and falling in love with Waco, 9 years later, I’m still here! I now work FOR Baylor, and in my free time I love exploring the city, relaxing at home, and spending time with my many pets!
Miss being a Doll! ❤️💙

Lauren Williamson.JPG
Lauren Williamson NOW.JPG
LG now.JPG
LG then.JPG

Lindsey Grace Schorlemmer

Co-Captain- C/O 2013

I made lifelong friendships on the team and shared so many amazing memories with my sisters and teammates. An experience I will never forget! 143!

Kayla Sokoloff

KS then.JPG
KS now.JPG

Captain- C/O 2011

After graduating from UT in 2015 I moved to DC for two years to work for a non-profit, but my roots called me home and I followed my dreams of becoming a teacher in 2017. I taught history in HISD for two years, before making my way all the way home to Dulles. I have been serving as the Assistant Director of the Dolls since 2019.


Mariah Thomas

Oldest old- C/O 2018

Mom to a baby boy!


Carley Gardiner

After graduating from Texas A&M in 2015, I pursued a career in serving young people in youth-focused non-profit organizations. Since then I have transitioned to UT Austin where I am the Coordinator for the university's Youth Protection Program. I have been happily married to my best friend for 6 years and we have a goofy Goldendoodle named Ellington. I am a lover of fun clothes, cooking, vinyl records, documentaries, hiking, and mid-century modern design! 

Two C/O 2011, Social officer: Historian

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