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1980s Alumni

IMG_3342 - Kelley Beggs.jpeg

Kelley Beggs McGowan

Two-C/O 1986

I have two adult daughters. I was dance team mom for almost 15 yrs. It was so fun watching them have some of the same experiences.

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Member- 1981

Regina Johnson

I’m on the Board of Care Partners, which is an organization that supports families dealing with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. I’m a volunteer certified ombudsman with the state of Texas, I am also a grief facilitator for high school students at Bo’s Place. My career is in Human Resources, Total Rewards and Benefits and I am an avid snowboarder. Oh and I foster kittens!

Alicia Brasse Godfrey.JPG
Alicia Brasse Godfrey NOW.JPG

Alicia Brasse Godfrey

2 Year Senior- C/O 1982

Stephen F Austin State University

Teri Trull Springfield NOW.JPG

3rd Lieutenant- C/O 1983

Just recently moved to Dallas, Tx after living most of the time in Missouri City. We have 3 daughters and a son who are all out of college and working (Yay!) Time to enjoy being a grandparent and the next phase of life!

Teri Trull Springfield

Julie Norris (Smyczek).JPG
Julie Norris (Smyczek) NOW.JPG

Rookie- C/O 1982

Julie Norris

I’m still dating the same guy from Dulles Class of 81. We live in the Hill Country where I work as an engineer. I have 5 children, 2 bonus children, and our 7th grandchild is due February 2022

Margi (Horton) Dyer.JPG

Margi Horton Dyer

2 Year Senior- C/O 1984

Moved to a small town in Wyoming right before COVID hit. I gave up Houston living for 54 acres.


C/O 1986

I live in Texas still in Wimberley and stay friends with many via Facebook

Alyson Waldron

SC then.JPG

Rookie- C/O 1983

Sherri-Ann Osbourne Carroll 

Proud mother of 2 boys and I live with 2 males, Larry and Sammie. My best friend and the love of my life. My husband would tell you that Sammie ( our hound) is both. 😜 I enjoy spending time with family and playing tennis is my passion.


Donna Neider Wright

Oldest Old- C/O 1982

I have 3 adult kids!

Melanie Stinson Pede.JPG
Melanie Stinson Pede NOW.JPG

Lieutenant- C/O 1987

Still dancing! I am the owner of Robin's Dance Studio, have 2 beautiful adult daughters, an amazing husband who works at the University of Houston and still proud to have been a Dulles Doll!

Melanie Stinson Pede

SL now.JPG

Rookie- C/O 1984

Suzanne Lucas

I am a teacher and AVID coordinator at Dulles High School. I also am the varsity cheer coach and enjoy seeing the dolls perform at every game.


Four- C/O 1982

DeeAnn Garrett Florence

Studio Owner PACE-Performing Arts Connection & Education WV


Angela Sharp 

Senior line member- C/O 1989

After graduating, I went on to major in kinesiology & dance at the University of Houston and became a dance team director. I taught dance for 18 years, and now teach PE.


Three- C/O 1983

Hope M. Sampson

Southwest Texas State University

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